Frost / Freeze Dates of Occurrence and Length of Growing Season
Frost and freeze data are available for a number of stations in Alaska. The first and last dates of occurrence along with the length of the growing season, or freeze-free period are given for 6 temperature thresholds. Tables are in the format as shown below. Choose a region from the pull-down menu at right.
Stations available include: Annette, Juneau (Southeast), Kodiak, Valdez, Yakutat (South coast), Cold Bay, St. Paul Island (Southwest), Gulkana (Copper River Basin), Anchorage, Homer, Talkeetna (Cook Inlet), King Salmon (Bristol Bay), Bethel, Kotzebue, Nome (West Central), Barrow, Umiat (Arctic)
-Annette, AK
Temperature Threshold (°F)
Last Date of Occurrence in Spring

Earliest ------ Median ------- Latest

First Date of Occurrence in Autumn

Earliest ------ Median ------- Latest

Length of freeze-free period (days)

Longest ----- Median ------ Shortest

11-Apr 6-May 26-May 21-Sep 11-Oct 31-Oct 196 157 122
19-Mar 15-Apr 15-May 1-Oct 27-Oct 15-Nov 226 194 162
14-Jan 14-Mar 15-Apr 15-Oct 11-Nov 31-Dec 289 241 196
no occ 14-Feb 17-Mar 28-Oct 5-Dec no occ >365 294 232
no occ 8-Feb 15-Mar 30-Oct 19-Dec no occ >365 314 269
no occ 28-Jan 7-Mar 20-Nov 1-Jan no occ >365 342 277