Climate Normals
NOTE: The climate normals on this site are from the 1971-2000 period. Current normals are from 1981-2010, and until we can get the site updated, the new normals can be found here at the Golden Gate Weather Serivce:

Monthly Climate Normals for Alaska Stations

Daily Climate Normals for Alaska Stations

The normals products you'll find here represent average conditions over the most recent climate normal period (1971 - 2000). These products were obtained from the National Climatic Data Center.

Choose from the options below for daily, monthly, and annual averages.

Daily Normals
Monthly / Annual Normals
Heating Degree Days
Cooling Degree Days
Precipitation Probabilities
Division Normals
1 - Southeast
2 - Southcentral
3 - Southwest
4 - Copper River Basin
5 - Cook Inlet
6 - Bristol Bay
7 - West Central
8 - Interior
9 - Arctic
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