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Current Conditions
Get the latest weather conditions for locations in Alaska and around the world.
General Climatology
Climate normals, extremes, time series data, and climate classifications.
Modes of Variability
Interested in El Nino, La Nina, or the Arctic Oscillation pattern?
What do the models say? Information on forecasted weather conditions.
Look at visible, infrared, or water vapor satellite imagery.
Climate Search
Search for information on various topics in climatology.
View Doppler radar returns for the U.S. and Canada.
Polar Regions Topics
Information about topics of interest in high latitude regions such as sea ice and the aurora.

Geophysical Institute
International Arctic Research Center
Atmospheric Sciences Group
University of Alaska Fairbanks

URL: http://climate.gi.alaska.edu
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The climate center is funded by the State of Alaska. Our affiliations include the Geophysical Institute, Atmospheric Sciences Group, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.