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Current Projects
+ Beaufort Sea Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling
+ Climate Change in the Yukon and Koyukuk Regions of Interior Alaska
+ Contrail Formation in the Subarctic Atmosphere of Fairbanks, Alaska
+ Forest Fires, Lightning, and the 2004 Fire Season
+ Changes in Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events in Alaska
+ Climate Trends and Variability in Alaska
+ Development of a Climate Atlas for Alaska
Contrail overhead Fairbanks as seen from an all-sky camera. Image copyright Martin Stuefer. Forest fire burning in Alaska's interior. Image copyright Ray Martinez.
Past Research
Alaska and the Arctic
+ On the the Significance of the 1976 Pacific Climate Shift in the Climatology of Alaska
+ MM5 Contrail Forecasting in Alaska
+ Potential Climatic Effects of Cirrus Contrails for the Subarctic Setting of Fairbanks, Alaska
+ Precipitation Decrease in the Western Arctic, with Special Emphasis on Barrow and Barter Island, Alaska
+ The Urban Heat Island Effect at Fairbanks, Alaska
+ Temperature and Precipitation of Alaska: 50 Year Trend Analysis
+ The Influence of Increased Jet Airline Traffic on the Amount of High Level Cloudiness in Alaska
+ Beaufort Sea Ice Concentration and the Climate of the Alaskan North Slope
+ Radiation Climatology of Alaska
+ Factors Determining Snow Melt in Alaska
+ The Meteorology of the Arctic Front Over Alaska
+ Long Climate Records in Alaska
Ice fog in the Tanana Valley on a winter day (left) and sea ice off Alaska's Arctic Coast (middle and right). Photos copyright Gerd Wendler and Tohru Saito.
The Antarctic
+ Katabatic Winds in Eastern Antarctica and their Interactions with Sea Ice
+ Numerical Study of the Diurnal Variation of the Adelie Land Katabatic Wind Regime
+ Interaction between Katabatic Winds and Polynyas at the Adelie Coast, Eastern Antarctica
+ On the Mertz- and Ninnis-Glaciers, Eastern Antarctica
+ On the Extraordinary Winds of Adelie Land
+ On the Surface Energy Budget of Sea Ice
+ Energy Exchange in Early Spring over Sea Ice in the Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean
+ On the Relationship between Extra-terrestrial Radiation and Surface Pressure
+ On the Formation of Coastal Polynyas, Commonwealth Bay, E. Antarctica
Icebergs of Adelie Land (left), an automatic weather station (middle) and sastrugi showing the effect of wind on the snow (right). Photos copyright Gerd Wendler.

For additional research projects on polar topics:
Atmospheric Sciences Group
Geophysical Institute
Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research - CIFAR
International Arctic Research Center - IARC
Center for Global Change - CGC

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